Our representative, Kimura, will go on stage at "Hello, Future!" on May 23rd.

What is "Hello, Future!"?

"Hello, Future!" is an event which provides opportunity to rethink about the way of life of any individual and to know about the various ways of life which share values of "There is not right answer to the way of life".

What is "Global Shapers Community" ?

"Global Shapers Community" is a community consisted of people with 33-year-old or younger which is appointed by World Economic Forum. The community is made of members with 33 years of age or younger with a strong intention to contribute to sociey. The members are referred as Shaper. Currently, there are over 350 Hub and more 4,400 Shaper in the world. The aim is to carry out projects to solve social issues in the region. Kimura has also been appointed to Shaper of Fukuoka Hub affiliation.